Friday, April 19, 2013

The Forbidden Rice

Apr 19, 2013

The Forbidden Rice

Last night, Kyle and I tried black rice for the first time. I went to Costco a few nights ago on the hunt for quinoa and saw it on the shelf. I decided to buy it not really knowing the nutritional benefits of it… but still wanting to take a whirl. The few things I read on the package sounded pretty good and I thought it was a steal paying $6 for a gigantic bag.
It was actually pretty tasty—it has a nutty flavor and a good bite to it. The cooking directions on the bag weren’t very specific so Kyle just kind of winged it but it turned out great. We served it with some stir fry. It turned a beautiful dark purple once it cooked… and it also turned our mouths a beautiful dark purple once we ate. :-) We have since read that rinsing the rice before cooking may prevent that from happening next time.
I’ve done a little research last night and this morning about black rice and I’ve found some pretty awesome stuff. It grows in various parts of Asia. Waaay back in the day, black rice was only meant for emperors and royalty. A person would be executed for stealing even a handful or eating it without permission—that’s why people call it “forbidden rice.” Crazy, right? Emperors thought that consuming black rice would allow them to live longer. Modern day science has begun to prove they were probably right.
Here are some stellar health-improving facts about black rice:
1) Black rice is a fountain of youth. It is jam-packed with antioxidants. Several sources I read said it contains more than blueberries, which is commonly known for its antioxidant properties. This is super awesome because blueberries are way more expensive and I’m glad a broke kid like me can get so much black rice on the cheap. Antioxidants have been proven to prevent or treat conditions like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Diabetes and cancer run in my family so you can bet I’m adding black rice to my regular diet. Annnnd they say it has anti-aging properties. Way cool, my friends.
2) Black rice is a ninja. It breaks down plaque in your arteries and fights against cholesterol. Black rice is also known as an anti-inflammatory food. Everyone, say Kbye to heart attacks and life threatening infections and illnesses! …I mean obviously you can’t eat black rice and not change anything else about your lifestyle, but this seems like an awesome supplement to healthy living. Don’t you think?
3) Black rice is the champion. It beats all of its brother rice in the nutrition competition (especially white rice). It is the only rice that contains anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is especially awesome because it is a water-soluble antioxidant that can reach certain areas of the body that fat-soluble antioxidants cannot. Also, B Rice has a TON of fiber—great for digestion! And is very high in iron and vitamin E. Another win!
4) Black rice works for mice. I read about a study being conducted where researchers are feeding mice about 10% black rice in their diet. This significantly suppressed skin allergies on the mice. I have eczema and if black rice can improve it, I’m go team!
5) Black rice is DElicious! When Kyle cooked it he barely seasoned it. Woot woot for a food that is low in sodium as well.
All these facts combined make black rice one of the best foods ever. BLACK RICE IS MAGICAL.
As you can tell, I’m super excited about this new “super food” I’ve stumbled upon. I’ve been looking up recipes to try and I’ll definitely share with you how they turn out. Stay tuned!
Ashley Macon CSN

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